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6-Week Eating Empowerment Package 

Go from "out of control' to completely empowered when it comes to your food choices, eating and meal planning


  • One 90-minute Dietary Detective Session
  • 5 - 60 minute Empowered Eating sessions
  • Private and Secure client portal
  • Journaling prompts
  • Access to materials, worksheets and supplementary videos
  • Email, “walkie talkie” and text support
  • Action plan and assignments after each session
  • In-person, skype or phone call sessions available
  • Suggested library of articles, books, resources and websites
  • Options for ongoing support and coaching  

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4-week Body Reverence Package

Based on Jenny's book, The Body Image Blueprint, we'll dive into 4 healing body image realms to support your relationship with your body and leave with a new sense of marvel and appreciation for it.

Week 1 - Dietary realm Week 2 - Physical Realm Week 3 - Embodiment realm Week 4 - Social and community realm  


  • 4-60 minute sessions with Jenny
  • Private and secure client portal
  • A free copy of Jenny’s book
  • Email, Vox and text support
  • Action plan and assignments after each session
  • Options for ongoing support  

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Self-guided Online Courses

Learn on your own with Jenny's guidance by choosing one of her signature online programs.

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Speaking Engagements

Book me for your next speaking engagement, Lecture, Key Note or interactive workshop

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Praise for Jenny Eden

Jenny has worked with hundreds of men and women over 15 years as a coach and mentor.

""I just wanted to say thank you for your support and the work that you do. I've been looking for help like this my entire life, and I am endlessly grateful to finally be connected with the kind of help that I've so desperately needed. I also patched things up with my friend Rachel this weekend. Between the release of pain I've experienced from our last 2 sessions and the mending of fences with my friend, I am experiencing a DEEP SENSE OF SATISFACTION, contentment, peace, and joy. It's blissful.  

My life is utterly transforming because your work is helping me open doors that I've been beating against for the last 30 years. Your work ultimately is both figuratively and literally saving my life. It frustrates and boggles me that I've been actively seeking help like this through my doctors and insurances over the years, and NOT ONCE did anyone recommend eating psychology/food therapy. It was just dietician after dietician, recommendations for weight watchers, recommendations for various popular diets, recommendations for extreme vitamin supplements, recommendations for restrictive dieting on the SAD, recommendations for personal trainers, the list just goes on and on for 20+ years. NOBODY I asked could recommend a holistic program. NOBODY could tell me where to look. So I have no end of gratitude, This matters. So very much."

- Alison V., Providence, RI

"I wish I had found Jenny sooner! I was trying to find the root cause of my skin rashes and sought professional help. There was significant healing but I was unable to stick to the nutrition plans, holistic remedies, and supplements that were prescribed to me, so I reached out to Jenny hoping she could get me back on track. Jenny created a safe and comfortable environment which put me at ease and allowed me to open up to her. The great thing about Jenny was that she was able to help me recognize that my issue wasn’t with food, but with areas of my life that I didn’t realize was causing me stress. She gave me ideas on how to work through them and I had a lot of “a ha” moments in the process. My skin improved dramatically without changing my diet! I could not have done this alone. Thank you Jenny!"

-Doris W., Boston, MA

"Working with Jenny has been the breakthrough I have been seeking for years. She has helped me understand that external dieting rules and restrictions are no substitute for listening to your own body and understanding its needs. Jenny's approach embodies the best nuances of the word "coach" -- instructive, supportive, and encouraging. The insights that I have gained from her program have helped improve not only my eating habits, but also many other behaviors that contribute to overall health. Working with Jenny has allowed me to confront the challenge of change in a way that is supported, and therefore sustainable. I have been diverted from this path many times in the past. Jenny has given me the confidence to persevere."

-Josh M, Newton, MA

"I’ve had many revelations since I started working with you, but the idea of uncoupling exercise from weight loss was a big one, that’s for sure. Thanks to this “Jenny Revelation “, I’ve been able to pull those two apart and it no longer seems like such a burden. I’m not constrained by the idea that on top of dieting (the number one thing I hated), I also had to exercise (the number two thing I hated), all to achieve an end that was always elusive.. Now, with exercise as a means to gain strength and power, I’m more motivated and I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing. And I’m walking whenever I get the chance. "

-Emily, Newton, MA